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The past few days have been pretty stressful but filled with self-discovery. For the past three months, I thought that I was an INTP but I’m realizing that I’m an INFJ, an unhealthy one. These two types are extremely similar but there are several ways that makes me sure that I’m an INFJ. 1) Emotions: The main reason I felt that I was an INTP was my insistence on hiding my emotions and ...
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Idk if it's cause I'm somewhere on the spectrum, or my loner avoidant personality, or the many years of rotting. But it seems everything I do is somehow different from how everybody else does it. I guess this is exacerbated by the fact that I don't watch TV. I don't really browse the front page...
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An INFJ is the most at home inside their inner world, observing ideas and patterns that exist within people and society. Of course, INFJs can feel nostalgic when reflecting on positive memories. For example, an INFJ may experience a warm, sentimental feeling when flipping through a scrapbook or watching an old home video.
May 29, 2016 · You feel empty inside… Apathy and melancholy have become routine… You indulge in nostalgia about the “good old days”… Activities which were pleasurable in the past are uninteresting… There are bags under your eyes from lack of sleep or rest… You probably know all these symptoms, my dear INTJs, and they are probably something of …
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Jul 11, 2018 · The INTP is a lifelong learner. Everywhere they go, they’re looking for new opportunities to stretch and grow their knowledge. It wouldn’t surprise us if this personality went for a literary baby name , such as Holden or Scout, in honor of their favorite book. Intp Personality. Saved by Rachel ARMY95. 107. Intp Personality Capricorn Personality Intj And Infj Estj Funny Quotes Funny Memes Quotes Quotes Poetry Quotes Messages.
Oct 13, 2017 - The types as other types ze-wonderfully-wonderful-wizard: “ISTJ: Rule oriented INTJ who’s never been tempted to be a rebel ESTJ: The overgrown anger reflexes of an ISTJ ISTP: What you get when you...
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