Lesson 12 2 independent and dependent variables in tables and graphs answers

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Independent and Dependent Variables in Tables and Graphs Practice and Problem Solving: A/B Name the dependent variable and the independent variable in each problem. 1. A food service worker earns $12 per hour. How much money, m, does the worker earn on a shift of h hours? Dependent variable: _____; independent variable: _____ 2.
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Step 2: Ask if the functional relationship could be represented in table format. Draw the following table with the known information from the story: Step 3: Introduce students to the concept of rate of change. Start by calculating 5 - 2 = 3 and tell the class that the change in the independent variable (also called the input) is 3 hours. Then ...
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In a vertical bar graph the independent variable is shown on the x axis (left to right) and the dependent variable on the y axis (up and down). In a horizontal one, the dependent variable will be shown on the horizontal (x) axis, the independent on the vertical (y) axis. The scale and origin of the graph should be meaningful. - Construct tables and graphs to display relationships between variables - Observe how a change in the relationship between two variables affects the table, graph, and equation - Use algebraic symbols to write equations relating variables
System of linear equations with two variables: This graph shows a system of equations with two variables and only one set of answers that satisfies both equations. A system with two sets of answers that will satisfy both equations has two points of intersection (thus, two solutions of the system), as shown in the image below. Predictor or independent variable: Response or dependent variable: Temperature in degrees Celsius: Temperature in degrees Fahrenheit: Area of a house (sq.ft.) Value of the house: Age of a particular make and model car: Resale value of the car: Amount spent by a business on advertising in a year: Revenue received that year: Height of a 25-year ...
This reverses the norm for charting, in which the horizontal axis represents the independent variable and the vertical axis the dependent variable. Excel sticks to the norm and expects that in a two-column XY Scatter chart, the first column is the independent variable to be shown on the horizontal (x) axis. Lesson 4 Tables, Equations, and Graphs of Functions. Let's connect equations and graphs of functions. ... in a pile of coins worth $ 12.50., where . is the area in square centimeters of a circle with radius . ... as the dependent variable. ...Tables make it a little easier to identify these two quantities, but on a graph, this is more difficult. It is important to note that the independent quantity is noted by the x -axis. This is the starting point when graphing, so it makes sense that the independent quantity would be located here.
Independent vs. dependent variables. When you are testing a cause-and-effect relationship, the variable that causes the relationship is called the independent variable and you plot it on the X axis, while the effect is called the dependent variable and you plot it on the Y axis. In some experiments you set the independent variable to values ...
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