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Engineering is the path of study to solve real-world problems. Engineers have the unique opportunity to change people’s lives, our world, for the better each and every day.
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“Preface: Special Issue on the PHYSOR 2012 International Conference on the Physics of Reactors,” Nuclear Science and Engineering, 175 (3), vii, November 2013. S. Hogle, G.I. Maldonado, C.W. Alexander, “Increasing transcurium production efficiency through directed resonance shielding”, Annals of Nuclear Energy, 60, 267-273.
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We are large enough to include a wide range of research programs – from astronomy and cosmology to biological and medical physics, condensed matter / materials, and particle, nuclear and relativistic heavy-ion physics – all while remaining small enough to provide a friendly, welcoming environment.
Physics Department (PHY). Majors. Minors. Physics education minor. Physics and astronomy honors program. View in catalog.Minor in Physics. Do you want to... Develop new skills that complement your major? Impress employers? Increase your versatility? Then you should consider a Physics Minor! State of the art...
Turn your smartphone into a robust piece of data collection equipment! MyTech is ideal for a physics lab environment, allowing you to analyze the motion of the device using raw data from the phone's internal sensors as it falls, spins, or collides with springs! Each recording can be exported as a spreadsheet for more in-depth analysis. With MyTech, you can * watch live data update from the ... Steve Robinson joined the Chemistry and Physics department in the fall of 2007 after receiving his Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Previously, he received an M.S. degree in Electrical Engineering from Illinois in 2003 and B.S. degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer ... Physics 111 Physics 112 Physics 211 Physics 212 Physics 261 Research Experience (0.5 credit) Physics 311 TOTAL CREDITS 5.5 Refer to the Austin College Bulletin for full degree plan requirements and nuances. This tool should be confirmed with the department or program advisors and mentor. Physics Minor At BSU, you can take a course or two before you enroll in a degree program or as one seeking professional development only (non-degree). Explore course offerings and learn how to enroll.
Research Spotlight Group ‘Cleaves’ Oxygen from Surface of Metal Oxide, Enhancing Reactivity. The lab of Ellen Matson (left), an assistant professor of chemistry, has developed a new method of opening solid state materials to oxygenation, using metallic oxide clusters, which can eliminate guesswork from discovery of new catalysts. The Physics Department honors program recognizes talented students who go beyond the basic curriculum by participating in independent research projects and advanced physics courses. Most physics majors at NC State become involved in meaningful, cutting edge research by their sophomore or junior years.
After selecting a college or academic program, charts and tables will provide detailed information from the most recent NC State Future Plans Survey, including the number of graduates going on to grad/professional school, the number accepting full time employment, and the average starting salary . Minor in Physics. Do you want to... Develop new skills that complement your major? Impress employers? Increase your versatility? Then you should consider a Physics Minor! State of the art...Prev Next. Department of Physics. Physics has a major aim to find the fundamental principles of the nature, from the sub-nuclear to the universe, and to predict possible phenomena derived from such...
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